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If you have an issue with your water bill or  think you have been billed erroneously, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1:  

Call the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at 718-595-7000 to request that Honeywell conduct a water survey of your property.

STEP 2: 

> Initiate a formal dispute with DEP by clicking here.  

Submit all relevant documentation, including proof from certified plumbers that no leaks were found.  For information on the dispute and appeal’s process please see:
Additional FAQs are available at:


Retain a copy of the dispute and supporting documents for your records.


If you have not heard from DEP within the time alloted or are unsatisfied with their response, please fill out the Public Advocate’s questionnaire below so our staff may better advocate on your behalf.

Water Bill Questionaire:

Please complete the form below to the best of your knowledge. The Public Advocate's staff will follow-up with you if we have any additional questions.

Valuable supporting documentation includes:
• 3 bills before and after the bill spike
• Appeals form that you sent to DEP
• Plumber’s report stating whether he found a leak or not
• DEP’s responses to your appeals

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