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FEPS is a housing supplement provided by the State of New York to help prevent evictions and provides rental support to families for up to five years on a sliding scale based on the number of eligible household members.  FEPS can be used to retain a current apartment or to move to a new one (FEPS-to-move). FEPS applications must be filed through specific legal providers and community-based organizations in each borough: contact LSNY, Legal Aid, CAMBA. FEPS is an expansion of the shelter allowance. Only household members who receive PA will be eligible for the subsidy.

Eligibility: Families applying for FEPS:

·       Must have at least one minor child (under 18, or under 19 if still in high school full time)

·       Must have an open Public Assistance case (can not be sanctioned).

·       Must owe rent, AND be facing an eviction case in housing court for nonpayment of rent (other housing court eviction matters do not qualify) or have been evicted for nonpayment in the last year if residing in the community or 6 months if residing in shelter

·       Must be in a private apartment; CANNOT be: Section 8, NYCHA; CAN be: income-based affordable housing project, Advantage program apartments; Must, if it is NOT a rent-regulated apartment, be the tenant of record and have a lease or other written agreement with LL for a year’s to live there a year.

·       Must not have any other funds to pay the arrears

In very limited cases, clients can get FEPS-to-move:

·       if client’s apartment is in a building that is in foreclosure, or that has a vacate order

·       if client was evicted in the last year for excess rent

Transfers from Jiggetts and other older HRA rent supplement programs do not require court case


FEPS pays arrears up to $7000 and monthly rent subsidy (see below for amount) for up to five years.

Individuals residing in the household that are not receiving PA (e.g. SSI recipients) must pay 30% of their income toward the rent or a pro rata share of the rent/arrears.

Any period of the arrears where a family was sanctioned by PA will not be covered by FEPS.

FEPS does not accept rent payments from third parties. (If a family on Jiggetts needs extra help, for instance, third parties such as relatives, roommates and charities can contribute. Under the new program, third parties are not allowed to help pay the rent.)

Families may not be eligible to receive the maximum subsidy listed below – e.g., a family with external income that reduces their PA budget, they will get less. 

The maximum apartment rent below is the total rent that the landlord can be paid by FEPS, the family, or any third party, etc. all added together.

As of Oct 2009, subsidy and total rent caps are as follows:

# of Eligible Household Members (PA recipients)

Maximum Subsidy under FEPS (shelter allowance + FEPS expansion)

Maximum Apt Rent  (updated 10/09)































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