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Our guide includes information on seven homeless prevention programs for New Yorkers.  Select any of the programs below for more information.


Offers services and emergency short-term assistance to individuals facing eviction or threat of eviction including, referrals for legal services, tenant/landlord mediation, and benefits advocacy. [ Learn more ]

Time limit? 120 days 

Age Restrictions? 18+ 

Shelter/Homeless Requirement? May not be accessed in shelter 

Source of Income? 200% of poverty for families, 30% AMI for single adults

Priority Populations? Households at-risk of homelessness

Helps with Eviction Prevention? Yes

Helps with Arrears?  Yes

Helps Move-In Assistance? Yes


HRA Rental Arrears Grant

A one-time grant for rental/utility arrears and emergency moving assistance offered through HRA.  Applicants must demonstrate ability to pay future rent and utilities and have US residency status. Learn more ]

Time limit? One-time grant

Age Restrictions? 18+ 

Shelter/Homeless Requirement? No 

Source of Income?  No

Immigration Status? Yes

Helps with Eviction Prevention?  Yes

Helps with Arrears? Yes

Helps Move-In Assistance?  Yes – first mo. rent, security voucher & 50% of mo. rent for broker’s fee.


Housing Court Answers 

Housing Court Answers help people navigate the complex world of Housing Court and NYC's housing laws and regulations.  Rental arrears and tenant assistance hotline available at (212-962-4795) and tables at housing courts provide assistance to pro se litigants. [ Learn more ]

Shelter/Homeless Requirement? No 

Priority Populations? No 


Coalition for the Homeless Eviction Prevention Program 

Provides one-time grant to pay for rental and utility arrears for those facing eviction. Applicants must demonstrate ability to pay future rent and utilities.  Hotline: 212-776-2039 open on Wednesdays starting at 9:30 AM.  [ Learn more ] 

Time limit? One-time grant 

Source of Income? Must be able to pay rent going forward

Helps with Eviction Prevention? Yes 

Helps with Arrears? Yes



Runs homeless prevention, HomeBase, legal services, and tenant support programs that offer assistance to those facing potential eviction.   Referrals through walk-in at one of CAMBA’s centers or telephone referral: Eviction Prevention Unit (718-237-6329), HomeBase (718-622-7323), CAMBA Legal Services (718-287-0010 [Bkln] /718-282-6473 [Staten Island]), Tenant Support Services (718-282-2500). [ Learn more ]

Age Restrictions? 18+ 

Shelter/Homeless Requirement? No 

Source of Income? Varies w/ program

Immigration Status? Varies w/ program

Helps with Eviction Prevention? Yes 

Helps with Arrears? In some cases 

Helps Move-In Assistance? In some cases 


The Bridge Fund 

The fund’s programs provide rental arrears grants and other eviction prevention assistance. Referral from a city agency is required.  [ Learn more ]

Helps with Eviction Prevention? Yes 

Helps with Arrears? Yes


Brownsville Partnership 

Gives eviction prevention services to Brownsville NYCHA residents, including financial counseling, case management and advocacy. Must be at or below 200% of poverty line.   Walk-ins available Mondays 9-5 or call to schedule an appointment: (718) 436-2025.  [ Learn more ]

Source of Income? Under 200% poverty level

Helps with Eviction Prevention? Yes

Helps with Arrears? When funding is available 

Helps Move-In Assistance? No 


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