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HPD’s website includes a list of apartments currently available for lottery applications.

HPD does not rent apartments. In order to participate in a lottery, you will have to contact building managers, community sponsors and/or real estate professionals directly to fill out an application and enter it in an apartment lottery. There are no brokers' fees and no application fees. Visit the above website for the contact information for available apartments.

Interested applicants can also find out about open lotteries by calling 311 and asking for HPD’s Affordable Housing Hotline which is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Haitian Creole, Korean and Russian. The hotline can be also accessed by dialing directly the following numbers:

English, 212-863-5610

Spanish, 212-863-5620

Mandarin, 212-863-8924

Cantonese, 212-863-8925

Russian, 212-863-8936

Haitian Creole, 212-863-8939

Korean, 212-863-8979

HDC's Lists of Developments

The NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has several programs, each with different income requirements. You may be eligible for one or more programs, depending on your income and family size. Check the guidelines for each program first, and then consult the following lists of buildings that are organized by income levels. You should carefully read the income guidelines for all the programs to determine your eligibility, since you may fall within different categories for different programs.

View a list of developments currently accepting applications.

In addition, remember that to apply for an apartment, you will have to contact the Managing Agent for each building to determine if they are accepting applications at this time. There is no central application office for these listings.

Low Income

·         Tax-Exempt 80/20 (.PDF)

·         Low-Income Affordable Marketplace Program (.PDF)

Middle Income

·         Housing Opportunity Program (.PDF)

Mixed Income

·         Mixed Income Program (.PDF)

The Department for the Aging

The Department for the Aging (DFTA) provides a comprehensive on-line listing of senior housing operating within the five boroughs. The information can be viewed by borough or by entering a zip code for the desired area. Get the list by clicking here.

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