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This webpage is an archived image of the Office of the Public Advocate's website as of December 31, 2013. These materials are made available as historical archival information only. The Office of the Public Advocate cautions that the information has not been reviewed subsequently for current accuracy and completeness, nor has the information been updated. The information contained on this page may have been superseded by subsequent events and the passage of time.

Welcome to the Public Advocate's Online Tracker for Freedom of Information Requests.

If you have submitted a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) to the Public Advocate's Office and want to verify the status of your request, you can view details using the tracking number provided in your acknowledgement letter.  If you do not know your tracking number or have questions, you can contact the Records Access Officer for the Public Advocate's Office at 212.669.7200 or  

Our tracker is updated weekly and contains all FOIL requests received since January 2010.

Tracking Number Date of Request Status Notes
PA-2013-0060 11/19/2013 Pending
PA-2013-0058 11/15/2013 Pending
PA-2013-0059 11/12/2013 Pending
PA-2013-0057 11/4/2013 Pending
PA-2013-0056 10/29/2013 Pending
PA-2013-0055 10/25/2013 Request Fulfilled
PA-2013-0054 10/23/2013 Request Fulfilled
PA-2013-0052 10/22/2013 Pending
PA-2013-0050 10/21/2013 Request Fulfilled
PA-2013-0051 10/18/2013 Request Fulfilled

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