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This webpage is an archived image of the Office of the Public Advocate's website as of December 31, 2013. These materials are made available as historical archival information only. The Office of the Public Advocate cautions that the information has not been reviewed subsequently for current accuracy and completeness, nor has the information been updated. The information contained on this page may have been superseded by subsequent events and the passage of time.

Reports & Policy Papers
Title Date
New Report: Closing Interfaith Medical Center Would Tear Brooklyn's Safety Net Aug 2013
De Blasio and C.A.P.S. Report Lays Out National Roadmap for all 50 States to Require Disclosure in Political Spending Aug 2013
De Blasio Report Shows Millions in Tax Dollars Wasted on Ineffective Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program Aug 2013
De Blasio Releases Plan to Save Brooklyn's Ailing Hospitals Jul 2013
De Blasio Report: L.I.C.H and Interfaith Closures Would Force Over 250,000 Brooklynites Farther From the nearest E.R. Jul 2013
After Securing NYCHA's Repair Backlog, Public Advocate de Blasio Demands Prioritization of Most Critical Repairs Jul 2013
Supporting Community-Based Disaster Response Jun 2013
Jobs for All New Yorkers, Growth for All Neighborhoods May 2013
Stop-and-Frisk and the Urgent Need for Meaningful Reforms May 2013
De Blasio Issues Failing Grades to 2 Agencies in Transparency Report Card, Finds Most Departments in Breach of Law Apr 2013
De Blasio Calls for Far-Reaching Ethics Overhaul at City Hall Apr 2013
Left Behind: Report Details Number of NYers Who Would Lose Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave Under Watered-Down Law Mar 2013
Report: Parents Struggle with Shortage of Pre-K Seats Mar 2013
New Report: Election Spending by Out-of-State Nonprofits Surges 1,500% in New York; Donors Remain Anonymous Mar 2013
New Report -- Borough Bias: How the Bloomberg Administration Drains Outer Borough Businesses Feb 2013
Bullying in NYC Public Schools Oct 2012
After Deluge of Complaints, De Blasio Releases Consumer Guide to Understanding & Contesting Water Bills Sep 2012
As Major Transformation of Special Education Begins, Report Affirms Goals, Presents Challenges Aug 2012
Report: Cut Now, Pay Later May 2012
Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Paving the Way for Job Creation Feb 2012
Strengthening Career & Technical Education Jan 2012
SuperPACs & the Corporations Who Love Them Jan 2012
Reducing Red Tape so Small Businesses Can Grow & Create Jobs Nov 2011
Red Tape Report: Behind the Scenes of the Section 8 Housing Program Nov 2011
Who, What, Where, When?: Tracking the City’s Discretionary Economic Development Deals Nov 2011
Doing Less with More: How School Transportation is Failing Students & Taxpayers Oct 2011
Consensus for Reform: A Plan for Collaborative School Co-Locations Jul 2011
Rocky Start: Problems with "Turning Five" Jun 2011
Report: Damage from Teacher Layoffs Could Linger for Years to Come Jun 2011
Cuts Have Consequences: An Analysis of Mayor Bloomberg's FDNY Budget May 2011
Report on the death of Marchella Pierce & NYC Administration for Children’s Services Mar 2011
Learning to Listen: Why the City Shouldn't Give up on P.S. 114 Feb 2011
Public Advocate de Blasio's 2010 Action Report Feb 2011
New Study: Wal-Mart Means Fewer Jobs, Less Small Businesses, More Burden on Taxpayers Jan 2011
Wal-Mart's Economic Footprint Jan 2011
72 Hour Storm Watch: Snapshot of Snowstorm Complaints to the Office of the Public Advocate Dec 2010
Citizens United and the 2010 Midterm Elections Dec 2010
Under the Table: Illegal Rent Gouging in the Advantage Program Sep 2010
Breaking Down Barriers: An Evaluation of Parent Engagement in School Closures & Co-Locations Jul 2010
Broken Promises: The Cost of NYCHA Reneging on its Commitment to Vulnerable New Yorkers Jun 2010
The Danger Of The Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision to Our Democracy Feb 2010
Resource Guides
Title Date
De Blasio Launches Online NYCHA Watch List, Mapping Every Public Housing Repair Complaint Aug 2013
After the Storm: A Guide for New Yorkers Oct 2012
De Blasio & Animal NY Promote Voters' Bill of Rights Sep 2012
Consumer Watch: 10 Tips When Shopping for the Perfect Christmas Tree Dec 2011
Buyer Beware: How Holiday Shopping Dollars Can Fuel a Corporate Political Spending Spree Dec 2011
Preventing Sexual Assault & Harassment Oct 2011
Tips for Storm Clean-up Aug 2011
Tenants' Rights Mar 2011
Cyberbullying 101 Mar 2011
Tenant Resources Apr 2010
Title Date
Int 1121-2013 - Requiring disclosure by elected officials related to their meetings with lobbyists Jul 2013
Int 1122-2013 - Proactively publishing records of public interest online Jul 2013
De Blasio Calls for Far-Reaching Ethics Overhaul at City Hall Apr 2013
De Blasio Puts Forward New Law to Mandate Transparency in Redistricting Nov 2012
H.E.A.T. Law: Penalties for violating the housing maintenance code by failing to provide adequate heat and hot water Mar 2011
Int 0357-2010: Use of green technologies in landmarked buildings Sep 2010
Int 0329-2010: Requiring the department of transportation to conduct traffic studies for schools Aug 2010
Local Law 41: Recycling in public and private schools Aug 2010
Int 0290-2010: Making available to all PAs, PTAs and CECs the equipment necessary to webcast meetings Jun 2010
Int 0292-2010: ACS to provide the City Council with certain information regarding subsidized child care centers Jun 2010
Int 0289-2010: Requiring the TLC to issue quarterly reports detailing fines and vehicle license revocations Jun 2010
Int 0227-2010: Requiring mayoral agencies to issue monthly reports on compliance with FOIL May 2010
Int 0228-2010: Restricting the use of polystyrene foam food packaging May 2010
Int 0166-2010: Budget of the civilian complaint review board Apr 2010
Int 0167-2010: Requiring corporations, LLC, LLPs and partnerships to disclose independent expenditures Apr 2010
Int 0168-2010: Collecting and reporting data related to youth aging out of foster care Apr 2010
Int 0094-2010: Creation of a division of LGBT youth services within the DoHMH Mar 2010
Int 0095-2010: Budgets of the Public Advocate, Comptroller, COIB, and CCRB Mar 2010
Int 0055-2010: Commercial recycling Feb 2010
Int 0056-2010: Posting of notices of provisions of the City’s Human Rights Law that relate to housing discrimination Feb 2010
Letters & Government Correspondence
Title Date
A.G. Schneiderman, NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio Team up to Protect New Yorkers from Wave of Smartphone Theft Oct 2013
De Blasio Rallies with Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights Communities to Save Interfaith Hospital Aug 2013
De Blasio to Speaker Quinn: Oppose Maneuvers to Strip Racial Profiling Bill of Veto-Proof Majority Jul 2013
Letter to Procurement Policy Board on Tech, MWBEs & Micropurchases Jul 2013
Letter to New York State Department of Health Regarding Planned Closing of Interfaith Medical Center Jul 2013
Letter to Port Authority of NY/NJ & Metro Washington Airports Authority on Saudi Arabian Airlines Jul 2013
De Blasio: SUNY in Violation of Judge's Restraining Order to Keep Long Island College Hospital Open Jul 2013
After Securing NYCHA's Repair Backlog, Public Advocate de Blasio Demands Prioritization of Most Critical Repairs Jul 2013
Letters to Saudi Arabia Airlines, Gulf Air & Kuwait Airlines on Discrimination Against Israeli Nationals Jul 2013
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on Proposed Changes at New York Public Libraries Jul 2013
Letter to Schools Chancellor Walcott on Proposed Changes to the Co-Location of M149 in Harlem Jul 2013
De Blasio, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Community Activists Urge Governor Cuomo to Personally Intervene to Save L.I.C.H. and Interfaith Medical Center Jul 2013
De Blasio to CUNY: Nix $150,000 Petraeus Teaching Deal and Invest in Keeping CUNY Affordable Jul 2013
De Blasio Calls on Department of Investigation to Probe 911 System's 'Lost Calls' Jul 2013
De Blasio to City Council: Shorten MSG Permit to 10 Years to Speed Rebuilding of Penn Station Jun 2013
De Blasio Launches Inquiry into New Reports that Small Businesses are Being Slammed by Fine Quotas and a Rigged Appeals Process Jun 2013
As First Storm of Hurricane Season Approaches, De Blasio and Rozic Demand Relief for Flood-Prone Fresh Meadows Jun 2013
Letter to the Department of Buildings on Expanding Broadband Access Jun 2013
Letter to DoITT on Increasing Procurement Opportunities for Small Tech Firms in New York City Jun 2013
De Blasio to Department of Education: Reassess School Suspension Policies Jun 2013
As Rent Hike Looms, De Blasio and CASA-New Settlement Blast Rent Guidelines Board for Ditching Outer-Borough Hearings May 2013
De Blasio Urges City to Develop Long-Term Housing Plans for Sandy Victims Before Nixing Hotel Stay Program Apr 2013
De Blasio: Low-Income Neighborhoods Left Behind by Verizon High-Speed Internet Apr 2013
De Blasio, TWU, Goldfeder and Richards Blast MTA for Slashing Rockaways Shuttle Bus While Lavishing New "Dream Ride" on the Hamptons Crowd Apr 2013
De Blasio to City: Water Bills Should Fund Water System, Not Plug Budget Gaps Apr 2013
De Blasio Sues City for Failing to Release Data on Students Sent to the Emergency Room from Schools Apr 2013
On 2nd Day of Stop & Frisk Trial, de Blasio Draws "Line in the Sand" on Key Provisions of NYPD Inspector General Bill Mar 2013
De Blasio Calls on Finance Department to Fix Tax Abatement Errors Mar 2013
Letter to New York City and State Departments of Education Regarding the Privacy of Student Records Mar 2013
Letter to New York City Board of Elections on Translation of Voting Materials into Russian Mar 2013
After Divestment Actions, NYC & California Pension Officials Urge Nation's 55 Biggest Pension Funds to Join Movement Mar 2013
De Blasio to NBA: Hold 2015 All-Star Game in Brooklyn Feb 2013
De Blasio Calls for Obama Administration to Put NYC at Center of new Pre-K Initiative Feb 2013
De Blasio to Mayor Bloomberg: Halt School Closings & Co-Locations for Rest of Third Term Jan 2013
De Blasio Backs NYPD Inspector General Bill, Urges Council Speaker to Bring it to a Vote Jan 2013
Letter to Cablevision Regarding Customer Service Concerns in Brooklyn Jan 2013
De Blasio Widens Call for Pension Divestment from Gun Industry to all Five NYC Public Pension Funds Dec 2012
De Blasio: Purge Gun Investments from Public Pensions Dec 2012
Letter from Public Advocate Bill de Blasio & Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Air Quality Post-Sandy Dec 2012
De Blasio Opposes Removing Innovation High School from Brandeis Campus on UWS Dec 2012
De Blasio & Crowley: Cty Cannot Afford Complacency Following Failure of 9-1-1 System During Sandy Nov 2012
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on the Role of Sanitation Workers After Hurricane Sandy Nov 2012
Letter to the Department of Transportation on Alternate Side Parking in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Nov 2012
Letter to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene about Flu Vaccinations in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Nov 2012
De Blasio to NYCHA: Don't require stranded tenants to pay rent up front for weeks spent without power, heat and water Nov 2012
De Blasio to CostCo, BJ's: Waive Membership Fee to Speed Hurricane Relief Nov 2012
Letter regarding the delivery of absentee ballots Oct 2012
De Blasio Once Again Calls on the Board of Elections to Rectify Mailing Inaccuracies Oct 2012
De Blasio: Housing Dept Should Suspend Contracts with Companies Facing Corruption Charges Oct 2012
Letter to Chancellor Dennis Walcott About Bullying in NYC Public Schools Oct 2012
De Blasio to Council: Democratic Process Demands a Paid Sick Leave Vote Sep 2012
De Blasio Presses for Tightening Standards on Airport Security Personnel Sep 2012
After Memberships at City Rec Centers Plummet, De Blasio calls on Parks Dept to Rescind Fee Hike Sep 2012
De Blasio: City Must Report Crime Stats for all Parks Sep 2012
De Blasio and Kellner to TLC: Reject Inaccessible Taxi of Tomorrow Sep 2012
De Blasio Presses NYPD, Parks Dept. on Security, Lack of Response to Incident Preceding Central Park Assault Sep 2012
De Blasio, Queens Officials Call on Board of Elections to Fix Poll Site Errors Sep 2012
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg & Speaker Quinn on Paid Sick Leave Aug 2012
Letter on Strengthening New York's Gun Control Laws Aug 2012
De Blasio Launches Investigation Into Con-Ed Consumer Complaints Jul 2012
De Blasio to Tweed: Don't Shortchange Summer School Students Jul 2012
De Blasio to Con-Ed: Lockout of 8,500 Workers Undermines Public Safety Jul 2012
De Blasio, Voter Assistance Advisory Committee, Good-Gov Groups Urge Board of Elections to Avert a "National Election Night Embarrassment" Jul 2012
De Blasio & Vallone: Protect Children at Libraries from Predators Jul 2012
Letter to the NYC Board of Elections on vote reporting practices Jul 2012
De Blasio: Let 5th Grader Give Speech on Marriage Equality Jun 2012
Letter to the Bloomberg Administration in Support of Gym Classes & Anti-Obesity Agenda Jun 2012
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg Opposing Parking Meter Privatization May 2012
De Blasio to Dept of Justice: "Secure Communities" will make NYC Less Secure May 2012
6 Degrees of Walmart | Spread the Word May 2012
Letter to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn on Business Operations in Iran Apr 2012
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on City Spending at Car Washes operated by Lage Management Corporation Apr 2012
De Blasio: City Must Back Down on Plan to Charge Charities New Garbage Collection Fee Mar 2012
De Blasio Calls on "Homeless Hotspot" Ad Company to Sit Down with Advocates for the Homeless Mar 2012
De Blasio Uses Charter Authority to Demand Police 9/11 Cancer Research Feb 2012
Following Reports of Abuse at PS 87, De Blasio Calls on Chancellor to Explain Lack of Discipline for Prior Incident Feb 2012
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on Need for Study into Cancer Rates Among NYPD First Responders Feb 2012
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on Early-Learn Initiative Jan 2012
Letter to S.E.C. Calling for Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending Jan 2012
Letter from Public Advocate de Blasio to City Planning Regarding AIDS Memorial Jan 2012
In letter to Mayor, de Blasio Calls for Greater Transparency in Affordable Housing Contracts Dec 2011
In Letter to Mayor and Speaker, Public Advocate de Blasio Urges Passage of Living Wage Bill Dec 2011
Letter Calling for an Investigation into Alleged Abuse at Private Immigrant Detention Centers Sep 2011
Letter to Human Resource Administration on Leave Time for Religious Observance Sep 2011
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on Handling of Deputy Mayor Goldsmith's Resignation Sep 2011
Letter to Governor Cuomo on Outer Borough Taxi Bill Aug 2011
Letter to Macy’s Regarding Annual Fireworks Display in New York City Jul 2011
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg Opposing NYPD Cuts Jun 2011
Letter on parking tickets received during the Passover holiday May 2011
Letter to Nissan on Local Jobs from Taxi Contract May 2011
Letter on Potential Conflict of Interest in Taxi of Tomorrow Competition May 2011
Letter to Commissioner Kelly regarding alleged NYPD cover-up May 2011
An Open Letter on Behalf of Public School Parents to Chancellor Dennis Walcott Apr 2011
Letter Regarding Problem with NYCHA Move-in Letters Apr 2011
Letter on NYC Taxi of Tomorrow Competition Mar 2011
Letter to Department of Transportation on 34th Street Proposal Mar 2011
Letter to Chancellor Cathie Black on Preventing Teacher Layoffs Mar 2011
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on City's Winter Storm Response Dec 2010
Letter to USDA Regarding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Nov 2010
Letter to DCAS Regarding City Office Space Leases Nov 2010
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg Regarding City Office Space Leases Nov 2010
Letter to Department of Education Regarding Remediation for 100,000+ Students Oct 2010
Letter to the Bloomberg Administration Regarding Primary Day Voting Problems Sep 2010
Letter to the Department of Education Regarding Test Score Data Sep 2010
Letter to Board of Elections Regarding Primary Day Voting Problems Sep 2010
Letter to Administration for Children's Services Regarding the Death of Marchella Pierce Sep 2010
Letter to Speaker Quinn Regarding Open Government NYC Apr 2010
Letter to NYPD on U Visa Certification Process Mar 2010
Letter from de Blasio Regarding Taxis Rampantly Overcharging Riders Mar 2010
Letter to Members of the New York City Charter Revision Commission Mar 2010
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg & Deputy Mayor Gibbs on Homeless Policy in New York City Jan 2010
Letter to President Obama in Response to the Earthquake in Haiti Jan 2010
Testimonials at Public Hearings
Title Date
Video: De Blasio Demands Rent Freeze at Rent Guidelines Board Hearing Jun 2013
Testimony of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on Regulation of Nonprofit Political Activity Jan 2013
Public Advocate de Blasio Testifies at CDC Hearing on 9-11 Health Problems Feb 2012
Other Public Records
Title Date
De Blasio Files Amicus Brief to Defend New York's Campaign Finance Protections Against Unlimited Donations Oct 2013
De Blasio Submits Amicus Brief in Federal Court Against Bloomberg Administration's Defense of Stop-and-Frisk Sep 2013
L.I.C.H. UPDATE -- De Blasio and Community Mark End of Ambulance Diversion at Long Island College Hospital Sep 2013
De Blasio Files Motion in Federal Bankruptcy Court to Halt Closure of Interfaith Hospital Aug 2013
De Blasio, NYSNA, Physicians, 1199 SEIU, and Civic Groups Secure Court Order to Maintain and Monitor Services at L.I.C.H. Aug 2013
De Blasio Secures Temporary Restraining Order to Block Closure of Long Island College Hospital Jul 2013
Op-Ed: Help Parents Work - Pass Paid Sick Leave Aug 2012
Fostering Economic Growth in New York City Jul 2012
De Blasio Sues City to Open Up Books on Small Business Fines Jul 2012
Title Date
Video: De Blasio Slams Mayor's 'Fear-Mongering' on Racial Profiling Bill Jun 2013
Video: De Blasio Demands Rent Freeze at Rent Guidelines Board Hearing Jun 2013
In Sweeping Speech, De Blasio Lays Out Vision to Close NYC's Income Inequality Gap May 2013
On MSNBC, De Blasio Discusses Proposals for Undocumented Immigrants to Apply for City ID & Driver's License May 2013
Joining Caregivers & Community Leaders, De Blasio Pledges to Continue Fight to Keep Long Island College Hospital Open May 2013
Video: At Crown Heights Church, De Blasio Slams Mayor's 'False Choice' Between Public Safety and Civil Liberties May 2013
De Blasio, TWU, Goldfeder and Richards Blast MTA for Slashing Rockaways Shuttle Bus While Lavishing New "Dream Ride" on the Hamptons Crowd Apr 2013
Video: At Rounds Table, Parents & De Blasio Discuss Schools Needlessly Sending Students with Disabilities to the E.R. Apr 2013
Photos & Video: De Blasio Calls for Two-year Fracking Moratorium in State Senate Apr 2013
On Final Day of Pre-K Admission Applications, De Blasio Calls for Truly Universal Pre-K for all NYC Kids Apr 2013
Video: De Blasio Calls for Immediate Vote on Paid Sick Leave, Emphasizes Need to Cover the Million+ New Yorkers in Need Mar 2013
Public Advocate de Blasio Discusses Gun Divestment on MSNBC's The Cycle Jan 2013
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at 2012 Citizenship NOW! Call-In Apr 2012
CBS 2 Segment: Homeowners & Businesses Say New Water Meters Are Inflating Prices Apr 2012
Fox News: Under Pressure, Porsche Ends Operations in Iran Apr 2012
ACS Discussion On "Inside City Hall" Mar 2012
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show: Public Advocate de Blasio Fights for Transparency at the S.E.C. Mar 2012
Looking to the Future: Public Safety in NYC Mar 2012
Video: S.E.C. Action on Corporate Spending in Elections Mar 2012
Announcement on Negotiations for Release of City Data on Cancer in 9/11 First Responders Mar 2012
Video: De Blasio, NYU Wagner, Fund for Public Advocacy Tackle New Ways Pensions can Rebuild Infrastructure, Create Jobs Mar 2012
1010 WINS Interview About City Hall and 9/11 Cancer Data Feb 2012
WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show: Local Investment and Stop & Frisk Feb 2012
New York Times Close-up Interview: NYC Budget Priorities Feb 2012
Calling on the Department of Education to Stop Warehousing Students Jan 2012
NY1 Interview: Concerns Over Controversial Film Shown To NYC Cops Jan 2012
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show: Combating Corparate Influence in Elections Jan 2012
WPIX Discussion on Worship Services in NYC Public School Buildings Jan 2012
Ban on Food Stamp Fingerprinting Jan 2012
Dylan Ratigan Show: Corporate Political Spending on Upcoming Elections Dec 2011
Addressing OWS Protesters Oct 2011
Protesting the 10th Year Anniversary of the Afghanistan War Oct 2011
NY1 Interview: Development Oversight Oct 2011
Verizon Brooklyn Call Center Strike for Fairer Laborer Conditions Aug 2011
Parents Speak Out: Meet Bill & Chirlane Jun 2011
People's Retreat Group Day Care Jun 2011
Discussion with PTA Parents at the Children's School in Brooklyn May 2011
Bronx Week Parade May 2011
Talking with Volunteers at the Marriage Equality for New York May 2011
"Taxi of Tomorrow" on NY1 Mar 2011
CBS 2's Marcia Kramer profiles negligent landlords Mar 2011
With Errol Lewis on "Inside City Hall" Mar 2011
CNN: Wal-Mart meets resistance in New York Dec 2010
Good Day New York discussing Schools Chancellor Cathie Black Nov 2010
Public Advocate de Blasio calling out negligent landlords on NY1 Nov 2010
MSNBC Live talks to Bill De Blasio on campaign spending Oct 2010

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